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It's Heating Up Outside - What Does That Mean for Your Crawl Space?

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 by Jessie Schoepflin


Hotter temperatures outside lead to moisture problems in vented crawl spaces. Vents in the crawl space area end up causing issues in the crawl space environment as the warm air from outside travels through the vents into the cooler crawl space and the air temperature drops relative humidity or moisture content in the air goes up.

Its Heating Up Outside  What Does That Mean for Your Crawl Space - Image 1

For every degree the air cools the relative humidity levels increase about 2%. Humidity is a big concern in crawl spaces because mold growth begins within 48 hours of the relative humidity reaching 50%. Once the relative humidity reaches 100% condensation occurs and we know water should not have a place in the crawl space. Crawl spaces are full of organic material such as wood, dirt, insulation etc. on which mold grows. Gases emitted by mold growth can be diagnosed as a musty smell. If you are concerned about must and mold in your crawl space set up an appointment for a Free Estimate.



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