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Why Foundation Replacement May Not Be the Best Option

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 by Jessie Schoepflin

It may seem to make more sense to replace something that is broken rather than trying to repair it, but with foundation repair thats just not the case.

In order to replace a home's foundation, the soil around the home is excavated. Once the soil has been removed, the house is lifted up and supported so that the foundation walls and floors can be taken down for replacement. This is an extremely disruptive and costly solution, and it doesn't even address the real problem; the soil.

Why Foundation Replacement May Not Be the Best Option - Image 1

Complete Basement Systems uses Push and Helical Piers for foundation repair. These piers are driven past the unstable soils, usually to bedrock. The piers are installed along the foundation footing and the home can then be lifted and/or stabilized. Piering is much less invasive, less costly and a more effective solution for addressing structural issues. 

About the author
Jessie is a Colorado native and resident all her life, and after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado she started work for a wholesale florist managing the social networking accounts and directing phone calls. She made the transition over to the Complete Basement Systems team in 2012 working in the call center and on online marketing.