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Extreme Snow Melt Threatens Metro Denver, Ft. Collins, Boulder Areas

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 by Samantha Walton

Snow HouseWe see the temperatures rising and we know what that means for homeowners in the Denver Metro area - water damage. With the local mountains covered to 200% with snow, many homeowners are understandably concerned about their home's endurance.

However, Rod Martin, owner of Complete Basement Systems, and the rest of his team, are stepping up to the plate. We don't want to see any homeowner in over their heads. We're already installing our patented BasementGutter waterproofing system in local homes that are in danger of experiencing water problems.

"Once water has found a way into your basement, it will continue to come in until the problem is fixed. With the anticipation of such a large mountain run off, it is best to repair now before your valuables are damaged. With over 26 patented products, we can fix leaky basements and foundation problems right, and we fix them for good,"  said Rod Martin.

Contact us today for basement waterproofing in Denver. Water can also cause foundation problems, and we are here to help repair foundation cracks in Denver, CO.