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Preventing Heat Loss

Friday, October 14th, 2011 by Anthony Prichard


Preventing Heat Loss - Image 1

If you are having difficulty locating leaks, you may want to conduct a basic building pressurization test:

  1. First, close all doors to the outside, windows, and fireplace flues.
  2. Turn off all combustion appliances such as gas burning furnaces and water heaters.
  3. Then turn on all exhaust fans (generally located in the kitchen and bathrooms) or use a large window fan to suck the air out of the rooms.

This test increases infiltration through cracks and leaks, making them easier to detect. You can use incense sticks or your damp hand to locate these leaks. If you use incense sticks, moving air will cause the smoke to waver, and if you use your damp hand, any drafts will feel cool to your hand.

The Rim-Joist is often a place homes suffer from large amounts of heat loss. There is only 1.5” of lumber covered by siding that separates you from the elements outside.


Preventing Heat Loss - Image 2A thermal imaging sensor can be used as well, to help locate places in your home where the thermal envelope is not fully enclosed and sealed.





Preventing Heat Loss - Image 4


ExTremeBloc Rim-Joist Insulation
Can fix the problems associated with excessive heat loss through the rim-joist.  Since ExTremeBloc is a proprietary product, you can't just buy it off the shelf.  Your local Basement Systems dealer will send someone out to give you a free estimate.