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Colorado Monsoon Season: How to Prepare

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 by Julia Jones

Coloradans are very familiar with all sorts of weather. The state of Colorado experiences snowfall, extreme heat, and heavy rainfall. With so many different types of changing weather, it is hard to keep up with how to properly prepare for extreme weather that may hit at different points throughout the year.

One of the seasons that is currently upon us is monsoon season. During monsoon season the area experiences a lot of heavy rainfall. This can be good, for plants and other gardening that homeowners love to do during the warm months, or this can be bad because of potential flooding and water damage on homes. In order to protect our homes before the damage is done it is important to take the necessary steps.

Some things homeowners can do I in order to are simple and can save them a lot of stress. Here are a few steps that homeowners can do:

1. Evaluate your home's drainage

2. Install Downspouts

3. Line crawlspace

4. Make sure sump pump is running properly.

If any of these things is not in order it is important to contact a contractor to help you prevent your home from further water damages.