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Melting Wood Beams

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by Anthony Prichard

Sagging wood beams

Melting Wood Beams - Image 1Melting Wood Beams - Image 2

It looks like the wood is melting over the support columns. Crawl spaces are notoriously damp and humid spaces and are susceptible to excess moisture and dampness which makes a crawl space the perfect environment for mold to grow and wood rot. Melting Wood Beams - Image 3

According to the University of Illinois Small Homes Council, as much as 18 gallons of water per day can evaporate into a crawl space under a 1000-sq.-ft, house. Even if your dirt crawl space seems dry and dusty, the soil may be pulling in moisture that can rot wood floor joist and can cause beams and joists to weaken.

Melting Wood Beams - Image 4

What’s the best way to fix the problem?

#1. The crawlspace must be converted from a vented crawlspace into an encapsulated, humidity controlled crawlspace. This vapor barrier, traps the water vapors that evaporate from the earth.

#2. In order to control the relative humidity, the vents must be closed off and the air must be supplied with warm dry air just like the rest of the house. Now the wood framing and flooring will dry out and improve the structural integrity of the house.

Melting Wood Beams - Image 5Melting Wood Beams - Image 6

The permanent solution for structure support are adjustable , steel IntelliJack columns.