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Sump Pump Discharge Guidelines

Friday, January 27th, 2012 by Anthony Prichard

Sump pump into the sewer line?

That's a big no-NO!

Sump Pump Discharge Guidelines - Image 1But it's easier and its just water right?

What would happen if everyone discharged their sump pump water into the municipal waste water system?

What would happen every time it rained outside? It would over run the capacity of the treatment plant and raw sewage would run into the local streams and rivers. . . This hurts the environment  and that is why it is written into the building code.

Most plumbers take the easy way, and recommend sewer line discharge because they don't want to do the extra work of running the discharge line out of the house and into the yard. The right thing to do, the legal thing to do is to run your discharge line away from the house towards a downward sloping grade.

Sump Pump Discharge Guidelines - Image 3

Last week I encountered a disaster caused by the sump pump discharging into the sewer system. I arrived to the vacant house with water gushing out of the toilette. Every time the sump pump would go on the water would shoot out of the toilette like a geyser. After the sewer snaker un-plugged the drain line this is what he found!

Sump Pump Discharge Guidelines - Image 4Sump Pump Discharge Guidelines - Image 5

Yet another reason to just do the right thing and properly run the sump pump extraction line out of the house!