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5 Signs Your Foundation is Failing

Friday, June 29th, 2018 by Danielle Jauregui

There are many signs and symptoms that may indicate your home is experiencing a foundation settlement problem. These signs can be seen both inside and outside of your home. Don’t ignore them! Call Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems today to schedule your FREE consultation!


1.    Sticking doors and windows

No, having difficulty opening and closing doors is not just a test of your personal strength.  As the foundation of the home begins to sink, the frame of the doors and windows becomes uneven, making them difficult to open or close. Shaving down the door to fit the frame or changing the locks on the windows are quick fixes that do not address the underlying structural issue.

 Uneven door frame

2.    Tilting chimney

Brick chimneys can be built on a separate foundation that is not actually connected to the rest of the home. This increases the chances that the chimney will settle. If you notice your chimney starting to separate from the rest of the home, it is time to get a professional out there to look at it.

 Tilting chimney

3.    Stair-Step Cracks

Ah, the classic stair-step crack. Not only is the exterior stair-step crack an eyesore, it also indicates that the wall is rotating as it settles, which means major damage to the home. If you see this starting to happen to your exterior walls, have someone look at it before it gets worse.

 Stair-step crack on exterior wall

4.    Interior Drywall Cracks

You can’t just cover up your problems. As tempting as it may be to paint over small fissures in the drywall, that is doing more harm than help. Those small cracks in the drywall are alerting you that the foundation of your home is settling and needs repair.

 Interior drywall crack

5.    Sinking floors

Ever afraid of your floorboards caving in? No one should ever have that fear. Sloping floors create a gap between the floor and interior walls which makes your home unstable- another sign of a failing foundation.

 Sagging floors

Do any of these signs remind you of your home? Don’t cut any corners by trying to fix a failing foundation on your own. Ensure safety for you and your family with a permanent solution. The design specialists at Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems will inspect your home for FREE and provide a FREE ESTIMATE for the permanent solution your home is asking for. Call today to schedule your free consultation.