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The Importance of Annual Maintenance

Friday, July 27th, 2018 by Danielle Jauregui

The ultimate question when fixing your home: Should I protect the work that has been done on my home in case something goes wrong? Rod Martin’s installation team does everything possible to guarantee quality products and solutions. However, when dealing with home services, unexpected incidents may occur. Scheduling annual maintenance through the Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems’ Service Squad Protection Program can benefit your investment.

Benefits of Service Squad Protection Program

  • Free annual maintenance
  • Members-only discounts
  • Priority scheduling
  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Preventative care
  • Increased system lifespan
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What to Expect

After signing up for the Service Squad Protection Program, all maintenance activities associated with your systems will be performed.

Basement Waterproofing

Cycle and water test sump pump operations, clean sump pump liner of sediment and silt, change battery in the alarm, evaluate discharge lines and potential for freezing, flush and flood test BasementGutter system as necessary.

Wall Stabilization

Retighten to appropriate torque as necessary, evaluate IntelliBrace and/or wall anchor plates, benchmark the position of the walls at each location, remove excess anchor rod, perform inspection of foundation/grading/gutters.

Foundation Stabilization

Assess benchmarks, replace/add benchmarks as necessary, determine elevations of entire foundation, inspect grading/downspouts/gutters, inspect foundation walls for cracks/efflorescence/water stains.

Radon Mitigation

Check radon fan function, inspect for new radon entry points, check radon exhaust point for obstructions, retest radon levels.


Check relative humidity set point, inspect filter, clean heat exchange core and evaporator coil, clean drain pipe, inspect blower/wires/connections/refrigeration system.

Your peace of mind is our goal. Our commitment to you and your home ensures the longevity of your system and protects your home from future problems. The services that Rod Martin’s CBS provides are an investment in the safety and lifespan of your home. Make annual maintenance a priority to benefit your investment.

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