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Why We Give On-Site Estimates

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 by Danielle Jauregui

The team at Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems is focused on making sure our customers receive the best information about their home repair. Our company has a few processes in place to make sure there is no miscommunication down the line. The first step for customers is to book an appointment for a specialist to inspect the issue before we move forward with the project.

Why doesn’t Rod Martin’s CBS give over-the-phone estimates?

We understand you want an estimate as soon as possible. At Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems, our goal is to give you an accurate diagnosis of your problem so that we can leave you with an estimate that will provide you with the very best, permanent solution. To do this, we need to do a thorough on-site inspection and analysis first.

What are the design specialists looking for?

As you guide your design specialist through your home to highlight your concerns, know that they are thoroughly inspecting all the little details. Are you worried about your foundation failing? Your design specialist will diligently inspect the foundation, your windows and doors, the interior of the home for wall cracks, the exterior of your home for proper water drainage, and so on. Did you call about encapsulating your crawl space? Your specialist will do the dirty work while simultaneously pointing out areas of concern. Our design specialists are the best in the business because they care about your home, but more importantly, they care about you.

Design Specialist inspecting home

If someone is coming to my home, do I have to sign a contract?

Keep in mind that the inspection and estimate are free, so you are under no obligation. Our design specialists are there to give an accurate analysis of the problem, not to force you to sign a contract.

Every home is different. The type of foundation, age of the home, location the home was built on and way it was constructed all impact the issues the home may face. These factors also determine how the problems can be solved and how much the work will cost. Our mission at Rod Martin’s CBS is to provide our customers with permanent solutions to repair their home. Call today to schedule an appointment to receive your FREE in-home consultation and estimate!