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Fiberglass Foe: The Dangers Of Fiberglass Insulation

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall

pink fiberglass batts in the attic

Oh no! There's Batts in the Attic!

No, we don’t mean your friendly flying Halloween mascot, we’re talking about something even spookier: Fiberglass. Your common bubblegum colored insulator could be causing you more harm than good, especially if you happen to come into contact with it. Fiberglass gets it’s oh-so-creative name because to be made, glass is spun into strands to create very thin fiber layers of insulation. Working with tiny shards of glass should be a red flag as it is, especially because not only can the tiny fibers cause skin and eye irritation, but they’re easy to breathe in and cause a number of respiratory issues. The thin shards can easily travel when fiberglass is disturbed, and without proper protection can sneak into every corner and cranny of your exposed extremities. Fiberglass has been known to cause itchy skin, red and irritated eyes, as well as respiratory tract inflammation if inhaled. If that’s not scary enough for you, The National Toxicology Program ‘s 11th Report on Carcinogens places glass fibers under the category “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen”.

 So how can you avoid this cotton-candy carcinogen when insulating your attic? Thankfully, there’s safe, inexpensive and more efficient alternatives that won’t require a full hazmat suit whenever you’re around it! Cellulose insulation comes in as a hot second for the most common type of insulation and is significantly safer and more efficient than traditional fiberglass. Cellulose is essentially ground up paper treated with a borate solution to make it flame retardant. Being safer, comparably priced and more efficient makes cellulose our top choice for attic insulation. Easily installed in less than a day, blown in cellulose can increase your homes heating efficiency all without costing you a pretty penny, or your health!

As a local member of the National Attic systems Network, Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems provides high quality cellulose insulation to make your home comfortable, efficient and safe. Don’t fight with the fiberglass foe, call us! We will send a specially trained Design Specialist to come to your home and inspect your attic for FREE. We provide free estimates and permanent solutions to all your attic insulation issues and can even take out your old fiberglass insulation and replace it! Call 303-805-8751 to schedule your free consultation today!