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Sugar, Spice, and everything... Ice?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall

Ice, Ice Baby! - Image 1

Ahh, the winter season in Colorado. Cold mornings furiously scraping ice off your windshield, terrible road conditions, and of course a TON of snow to shovel off your driveway. The holly jolly holiday season brings ice and snow that would make Elsa herself jealous, but the ice and snow that makes your home look like a postcard could mean serious roof repairs on the horizon. Sure, they’re lovely and really add a certain ambiance to the whole “Winter Wonderland” feel, but underneath that beauty could be a roofing disaster waiting to happen. Those icicles are a product of ice dams, which are caused by heat escaping your home through the roof during the winter. As the heat escapes your cozy home, it melts snow and ice on the roof that refreezes at it hits the cold overhang, creating a frozen dam that prevents the rest of the melted water from falling off the roof.
That trapped water has to go somewhere though, right? Since it can’t roll off the roof, its only going one place: down into your house. This can not only severely damage your roof, but possibly damage the inside of your home as well. Every year thousands of homeowners kiss their holiday savings goodbye because of these dams, but don’t rely on a Christmas miracle to save your home, these troublesome ice damns can be easily prevented!
Proper attic insulation traps heat in your home, preventing it from escaping through the roof and melting the water that created the dams in the first place. Not only will it prevent the pesky ice dams, but the insulation will trap the heat in your home and keep you warm through the winter, saving you money on heating too!

If you notice icicles on your roof, we have the solution. As a local member of the National Attic systems Network, Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems provides high quality cellulose insulation to make your home cozy as can be and ice dam free! We will send a specially trained Design Specialist to come to your home and inspect your attic for FREE! Call 303-805-8751 to schedule your free consultation today!