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RMCBS Gives Back for the Holidays: Our Teddy Bear Drive for Children's Hospital

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall

RMCBS Gives Back for the Holidays: Our Teddy Bear Drive for Children's Hospital - Image 1RMCBS Gives Back for the Holidays: Our Teddy Bear Drive for Children's Hospital - Image 2

Every year, the company gives back to the community as a way of saying thanks for all it has done for us by doing a series of charity events, organized by our recruiter Sarah. This holiday season, the team started a teddy bear drive to give to children’s hospital just in time for the holidays. An amazing effort was put forth by everyone in the company to collect as many bears as we could, and by the time we were ready to deliver them to the kids, we had collected over 100 to give out.

"Community is one of our core company values, we hear it frequently and it really shows the effort that Rod, and the Martin family put towards helping those that need it the most. When the owner of a company makes this a priority, not only does it improve the culture of a company, but it also allows for everyone involved to get to know each other while doing something worthwhile. The participation that we have received during our recent events has been truly inspiring and I feel really blessed to work for a company that takes this so seriously". -Sarah, Lead Recruiter

"The teddy bear drive this year was a truly wonderful event that touched a lot of people's lives. Seeing the children's face light up or being able to make someone smile when they are going through a tough time is such a gift. If it wasn't for our wonderful community, we would not be here and it's by giving back that we can not only say thank you but show it."- Travis, Marketing Director


After packing up almost a truckload of toys, Members of the team excitedly went to children’s hospital to hand deliver all the toys. Aided by a few costume-clad princesses and superheroes, the team set out to make sure every child got a special bear from us. With every toy we gave out, a smile was given to us in return. Excitement and joy lit up the rooms as each teddy was given to a family, and the crew was able to give away every last stuffed animal we had. We were truly honored to be able to participate and give back to this drive for the holidays. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved to see the impact the teddies made on each child. If you would like to donate to children’s hospital, you can learn more about ways to help here: