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Basementy Q&A: Do We Fully Finish Basements?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 by Lyndsie Sundvall

Basementy Q&A: Do We Fully Finish Basements? - Image 1

Q+A question: Does Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems Finish Basements?

To finish your basement, most states and counties have building-specific regulations that must be met in order to legally claim your basement as a fully finished room. These regulations include ceiling height, egress windows with emergency escapes, and basic utilities (bathrooms, electricity, smoke and CO alarms, etc.). Only after these necessities are met can you start adding the aesthetic installments like finished walls, flooring and furniture. However, we don’t offer full basement finishing because we don’t install many of the basic requirements necessary for finishing a basement under code.

So, what CAN we do?

                Our services come in after your basic framework has been completed. We’re the go-to pro’s for custom basement waterproofing, flooring and wall systems. Our goal is to transform your cold, concrete basement into a beautiful, insulated space ready to decorate and furnish! Our patented waterproofing products guarantee that your basement stays dry for years to come, all without compromising the integrity or look. These waterproofing systems are discrete, easily installed, and prevent any moisture or standing water in your basement. Waterproofing your basement before you finish it means protection no matter your basements condition, so that when the time comes that your basement ACTUALLY floods, you don’t have to spend a fortune repairing the basement you already poured money into!

In addition to our waterproofing systems, we have flooring and wall products guaranteed to protect your basement and transform it into a bright and usable area. Not only do our flooring and wall systems look beautiful, but they aid in waterproofing your basement! These products are specially designed to waterproof and insulate concrete basements and work directly with our waterproofing system to ensure your basement stays dry, healthy and usable. With 6 different panel systems and 8 different flooring products, our basement products can insulate, protect and waterproof your concrete walls, all while adding a bright and finished look to the space. 

If you’re planning to finish your basement, make sure you have your basement up to code before you add flooring, walls and furnishings. Basement finishing requires a lot more than finishing the walls and floors and adding some furniture, but it is a great investment and radically increases the value of your home. Once your basement is up to code, give us a call!