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Colorado Drought Causing Settling Foundations for Homeowners

Friday, May 11th, 2012 by Valyn Daconto

Cracked FoundationThe recent drought, encompassing 98% of Colorado, has left many homeowners with cracking basement walls and shifting, uneven floors.  These symptoms are the results of minimal water in the soil underneath and around homes.

According to climatologist at Colorado State University, "...drought levels range from D1, or "moderate", to D3, or "extreme".  The Texas drought from last summer is also still affecting Colorado.  A newer area of D2, or "severe", drought has recently been added to the Yampa/White Basin in northwestern Colorado because of insufficient snow pack this season as well."

Colorado is in need of the snow pack because it provides vital water for homes and businesses throughout the state.  This depletion calls for the conservation of water so that residents will have ample water for recreation, reservoirs, and irrigation throughout the rest of the year.

These drastic conditions should be a red flag to Colorado homeowners to make sure their basement and crawlspaces are properly waterproofed.  As the soil begins to shrink away from their foundation because of the lack of rain, this allows for shifting and splitting making small cracks where water can easily seep in.  Stabilizing foundation walls that may be cracking, buckling, or bowing can be achieved with the patented and warranted wall anchors, I-beam braces, foundation piers, or crawl space jack posts offered at Complete Basement Systems.

We will come up with a comprehensive solution that keeps your house safe and secure no matter what the conditions are. 

The installation of our unique waterproofing system is another system that will keep your basement dry and livable when rain and moisture is a problem.  It's always better to be ready for anything than deal with a disaster that ruins your home and valuables in the future.    

The basement and foundation experts at Complete Basement Systems have the tools and expertise to make your foundation solid and waterproof your basement before any problems occur or they get worse.  If you are dealing with foundation settling in Ft. Collins, CO, contact us today for more information and a free estimate!