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The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Basement Waterproofer

Friday, May 11th, 2012 by Jessie S.

Why Hire A Waterproofing Contractor To Fix Your Wet Basement?

1. Regain A Floor Of Space In Your Home

Whether you're using your basement as storage or are planning on finishing it into additional living space, waterproofing the space will help you reclaim a substantial amount of usable space.

If a basement is worth having, then it's certainly worth it to make the space into a usable area. Basement flooding can lead to a series of expensive problems over the years, as appliances, utilities, and everything in the area is gradually destroyed by flooding water.

Conversely, a complete waterproofing system can be installed in a single day. When it's provided complete with a battery backup system, your space becomes reliably dry and ready for storage. The installation crew can do all the work, remove all the debris, and provide you an annual service plan - so you know your system is maintained in working order.

2. Create A Healthier Living Space

Moisture means humidity, and humidity means mold. As mold grows on everything in the space, it will damage personal property and create an ugly space.

More importantly, this mold will release allergenic and potentially toxic spores into the air, which will then be carried upstairs via the natural air movement in the building (commonly referred to as the "stack effect"). All mold spores are allergenic - even dead spores - and can hang in the air for days.

In extreme cases, thousands of mold spores may be present in a single cubic centimeter of air. A human breathes in 10-12 cubic meters of air each day, and it only takes 2-3 mold spores to cause an allergic reaction.

What is the likelihood of a resident having a mold allergy? Approximately 50% of homes have at least one resident with allergies - and 90% of individuals with allergies show mold spore sensitivity.

They key to eliminating mold is to dry the space out - mold needs relative humidity levels of 60% or higher to thrive. Waterproofing, sealing, and dehumidifying the space is a surefire way to address a mold issue and keep it under control in the future.

3. Restore Value To Your Home

Nobody wants a wet basement! And while you're stuck with your basement, home buyers have a choice. To entice them to consider the purchase, a homeowner will generally have to discount the home by 10% of its value or more.

In less common cases, a realtor may arrange a waterproofer to visit the home and write a proposal for the work to be done. In this case, the seller will often either agree to discount the home by the value of the waterproofing system, or will offer to waterproof the home before selling it to them. This is a great compromise all around.

However, if this is your plan, why not just waterproof the space now, and enjoy the benefits of a waterproofing system in the months, years, or decades before you sell your home? Many waterproofers offer a written warranty that can be transferred to the next homeowner at the time of sale - so you'd still have that selling edge.