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Will insurance cover my water damage?

Friday, June 29th, 2012 by Jessie Schoepflin

Unexpected water in your basement can damage walls and floors, destroy carpets, ruin furniture and lead very quickly to mold. When you experience a loss such as this the first thing you think about is whether you are covered by your insurance company. Unfortunately water seepage is not covered by home insurance policies. Seepage is viewed as a maintenance issue, so it is not covered by insurance. This is why it is so important to take preventative steps and waterproof your basement and crawl space.
So what can you do as a home owner to protect you and your family from problems arising from ground water seepage? 
Well here are some important check points:
- Identify sources of moisture - figuring out what water and where water comes into your home is a good first step. Once the location is pinpointed we can help you seal off the area from further water damage.
- Keep rainwater away from foundation - make sure you have clean gutters and proper downspout extensions that eliminate water far enough away from your foundation.
- Fix concrete cracks - below grade cracks in your foundation allow moisture into your home and can very quickly ruin your basement.
- Seal against water and vapor- many homes here in Colorado are built with a crawl space. Most people do not often access their crawl spaces and this allows time for water and humidity to work away creating mold and wood rot. We install vapor barriers that can seal off the rest of your home from the moisture in your crawl space or basement and give you piece of mind. 
Don't sit back and wait thinking that your insurance company will cover the damage from a water disaster. Get your home waterproofed before it becomes a problem!
About the author

Jessie is a Colorado native and resident all her life, and after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado she started work for a wholesale florist managing the social networking accounts and directing phone calls. She made the transition over to the Complete Basement Systems team in 2012 working in the call center and on online marketing.