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My Basement is Flooded What Do I Do?!

Friday, September 13th, 2013 by Jessie Schoepflin

Flooded basement

Colorado is basically underwater from Fort Collins to Boulder to Parker and homes are being tested as to just how waterproof they are. If you find your basement is flooding here are some steps to get you started on the path to a dry home again.

Call a restoration company that specializes in water removal and clean up. They will help you get your home dry again.

With the water cleaned up you can better navigate the source of the leak and determine whether water is coming from your window, walls or floor. Try to keep the water contained and the area dry so mold does not become an issue.

Call in an expert as soon as possible. Mold, sitting water and water leakage can very quickly have an adverse effect on your house and family's health if you're able to stay in the house.

Most importantly, be safe out there in this dangerous weather and flooding.

About the author
Jessie is a Colorado native and resident all her life, and after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado she started work for a wholesale florist managing the social networking accounts and directing phone calls. She made the transition over to the Complete Basement Systems team in 2012 working in the call center and on online marketing.