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Complete Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Water Intrusion in Denver

Water has been seeping into this basement through cracks in the foundation, through the porous floor and the corners of the basement window. These are all very normal occurrences in homes in our area.

Crack Repair in Denver

Raising a sunken walkway in Thornton, CO

This Thornton, Colorado concrete walkway was in bad shape. However, it was NO match for our PolyRenewal system! Check out the white line in the "Before" picture. This is where our Foreman, Jacob, raised the slab to in the "After"picture. Astonishing!

Sump Pumps in Denver

Aurora, CO Concrete Repair

Candy from Aurora had experienced non-stop problems with her basement flooring for more than 10 years in her home. From cracks to unlevel areas, she was certain there was nothing she could do to fix her concerns. Luckily she heard about RMCBS through a direct mail coupon and decided to give us a call. Our knowledgeable design specialist, Mike, was happy to provide a permanent solution to the concrete floors. Jacob and his crew worked hard to lift the concrete back to its original level and seal off any cracks to prevent future issues. Candy is now worry-free and her floors look great!

Total Before & After Sets: 142