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Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Stair Repair in Aurora, CO

The sinking stairs in front of this home were becoming a major concern to the homeowners. Not only were they an eyesore, they were a safety hazard. Jacob and his team knew this problem could be solved easily with our patented PolyRenewal technology. In just a short time, the stairs were raised back to a safe level, the front porch looked appealing and the homeowner's peace of mind was restored!

Aurora, CO Crawlspace Transormation

The owners of this Aurora, CO home were previously using their crawlspace for storage, however their personal belongings would collect dust and unwanted critters. They contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to transform their storage area into a space they could be proud of. Felipe and his crew worked hard to clean out the clutter and line everything with CrawlSeal. This space now looks fabulous and cleaner than ever!

Aurora, CO Foundation Stabilization

The homeowners of this Aurora, CO home were becoming more and more concerned with the state of their foundation after they noticed cracks in their bricks and wall separation. After calling Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems and receiving their free, no-obligation estimate, they knew we were the perfect choice for this job! Ernesto and his crew installed six stabilizing push piers and lifted the foundation to its original level. The results were incredible and the homeowners were at ease again about their home. 

Colorado Crawl space Encapsulation

CrawlSeal 20 mil vapor barrier is installed in this crawl space

Englewood, CO Concrete Lifting

The walkway to the front of this Englewood, CO home was uneven and unsafe. Using our PolyRenewal solution, Adam and his spectacular crew lifted the concrete back to a safe and appealing level. When the job was completed, the homeowners were excited to know they could harmlessly walk to their front door!
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