Help! My Heat is on and my House is Still Cold!

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall

 cold Girl crouched over a space heater

It can be hard to determine what the worst thing about the cold weather is. Stepping out of the shower on a winter morning, a freezing cold toilet seat, and the high heating bill are all cold weather horrors that more likely than not plague us during the chilly season. As the electric bills rise and the temperature drops, you may be tempted to cut costs the ways most do: breaking out the bulky sweaters, fuzzy socks, and dialing down the thermostat. Even if you take the plunge and crank up your furnace, your house could still be running cold.

But why?

Similar to us wearing hats on cold days vs. going out with a bald head, heat is most likely to leave your body (and your home) through the top! Up to 40% of your homes heat can be lost through the roof, and without proper sealing and insulation to trap that rising heat, your furnace’s hard work could be escaping your home quicker than planned. Insulating and sealing your attic is the easiest and most efficient way to drastically cut your home heating costs, with general estimates on savings per year to be around $600- $780 per household. With properly insulated attics, keeping the home cozy for the holiday season and all the seasons to come is easier than ever!

 Here at Rod Martin Complete Basement Systems, we can insulate your attic with  our effective and environmentally friendly blown-in cellulose, which offers a much higher R-value and lasts longer against wear and tear than traditional fiberglass batts. Our process is easy, efficient and quick, and can keep your home cozy for many winters to come! Call us today for a FREE estimate and consultation!