Attic Insulation: The FAQ's

Thursday, December 13th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall

Attic Insulation: The FAQ\'s - Image 1

How does attic insulation help my home?
›By providing a barrier against the transfer of heat in and out of the top of your home, attic insulation can not only keep you house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, but lower your energy bill and imprive your houses thermal efficency.

Can Attic insulation be harmful or toxic?
› It can be if you have the wrong kind! Traditional fiberglass has been known to cause short and long term health effects such as upper respiratory, eye and skin irritation. Moreover, older fiberglass insulation has been found to contain signifigant amounts of aesbestos.

Which insulation is best for my attic?
› Cellulose! Cellulose insulation is a non irritating, recycled newspaper filling thats more flame retardant and energy efficient compared to traditional fiberglass.

When should I replace my existing insulation?
›If your insulation has been exposed to water. Any water thats gotten into your insulation,especially fiberglass, can harbor mold and cause
hazardous air quality in your attic and throughout your home.
›If your home was made in the 1970’s or earlier, its definitley time to replace your insulation, especially if the insulation hasn’t been replaced since the home was built.

How much can insulating save me on my energy bill?
›While factors like geographic region and insulation type can influence differences in the amount, on avereage most homeowners save $600 or more in energy costs after insulating their attic.