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Helical Pier Install Northglenn, CO

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 by Jessie Schoepflin


Homeowner contacted Complete Basement Systems to address a garage floor that was sinking and settling. This ranch single story home also had issues with brick walls separating. 1 corner of the Northglenn, CO home was noticeably affected.


The solution to stabilize movement in the home was to install Helical Piers to support the foundation. First we exposed the footing and prepared it for the bracket. Mechanically we drove, into the soil, rugged steel helical piers. These steel helical piers were installed to appropriate depths and capacities, preventing future settlement. Heavy-duty steel foundation brackets were then connected to the helical piers and attached to the footer of the foundation. The weight of the structure was then carefully transferred from the original unstable soils, through the piers, to the competent soils or bedrock, ensuring permanent stabilization.

Project Summary

Contractor: Complete Basement Systems

Engineer: KRM Consultants - Loren Hill

About the author
Jessie is a Colorado native and resident all her life, and after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado she started work for a wholesale florist managing the social networking accounts and directing phone calls. She made the transition over to the Complete Basement Systems team in 2012 working in the call center and on online marketing.