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IntelliJack Installation in Broomfield, CO

Saturday, April 13th, 2019


This home in Broomfield, CO was experiencing basement support issues after their previous support installations failed. Causing the ceiling of the basement to heave and posing future structural support issues. After noticing the Bowing in the ceiling, the homeowner decide to do their research on the cause of their basement support issues. After realizing that their previous monoposts and wooden support beams were failing, they knew they had to take action before the problem go worse, and a lot more expensive. Making sure they had the best in the foundation support business to handle the job, they called Rod Martins Complete Basement Systems to come provide an estimate and permanent solution to their heaving basement ceiling!


After a free, No-obligation consultation by one of our expert design specialist, we determined the best solution for this basements structural deficiencies was to install 4 IntelliJacks, which provide structural support for uneven floor joists and sagging floors! our foreman Israel quickly set out to the job, replacing the wooden support posts and previous support jacks in the basement. These new support beams not only level the floor and fixed the heaving ceiling, but provide a lifetime support guarantee to prevent anymore sagging overall! Now the homeowner can rest assured that their basement will no longer face any ceiling sagging or uneven floor joists, Thanks to us!

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