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Attic Insulation in Fort Collins, CO

Friday, December 14th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall


This homeowner in Fort Collins, CO noticed a problem with their insulation after experiencing uneven room temperatures throughout her home, and issues with the home retaining heat. Once she started doing her research on the cause for her home's efficiency problem, she realized that her attic insulation was most likely the culprit. After looking into her attic and finding old, inefficient insulation, she knew she had to have it replaced.  A previous satisfied customer for waterproofing and radon, she trusted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to get the job done!


After a no-obligation and free estimate by our design specialist Scott, her appointment was set to improve her home efficiency once and for all. Our amazing foreman Jhai was set out to the job, quickly and efficiently determining the best plan of action alongside Scott for the new attic insulation installment. First removing the old and inefficient fiberglass insulation to have a clean slate, they heat mapped the attic and found the areas of hot air escaping to seal them up. After all the areas were sealed, the attic was re-insulated with our blown-in blanket cellulose insulation, to provide the safest and most efficient insulation possible. The new insulation was able to provide a higher R-value to the home, and in turn give the homeowner a nice and cozy heated home just in time for the winter! 

If you're experiencing cold, uneven temperatures in home despite using your heating and cooling system, we have the solution for you! Our blown-in cellulose attic insulation provides your home with a blanket of protection over escaping air and higher heating efficiency all while remaining safe and eco-friendly! Call today for your free, no obligation estimate and protect your home from high winter energy bills!