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Attic Insulation in Boulder, CO

Friday, December 14th, 2018 by Lyndsie Sundvall


This homeowner in Boulder, CO had previously had their attic insulated, but grew concerned about its efficiency when the energy bills started to quickly raise more than normal, and uncomfortable drafts started coming from areas close to light fixtures. After researching on the web about the cause behind her rapidly increasing energy bill, she confirmed her suspicions that the attic insulation need to be replaced! She knew of our attic insulation services from watching our T.V. commercial, and called us immediately for a consultation. 


After her free, no-obligation consultation from one of our Design Specialists Scott, they determined the best option for her attic was to remover her old insulation, cap all lighting fixtures, and seal and re-insulate her attic! During her consultation, Scott noticed the wear and tear of her old insulation. Not only was it at much lower levels than it should have been, but drafts had forced the insulation to pile in certain areas of the attic, leaving spots uncovered and allowing for the uneven temperatures she had been experiencing. Once the appointment was set in stone, our foreman and attic insulation specialist Jhai set out with his team to get on the job as quickly as possible. After removing the old fiberglass insulation, all the lighting fixtures were capped and sealed to ensure no hot air could escape through those previously uncovered areas. With a quick blow-in insulation job, her attic was transformed, comfy and warm again! Now this homeowner can rest assured her energy bill will no longer keep raising, and her home will stay cozy and well heated just in time for winter!

If you're experiencing cold, uneven temperatures in home despite using your heating and cooling system, we have the solution for you! Our blown-in cellulose attic insulation provides your home with a blanket of protection over escaping air and higher heating efficiency all while remaining safe and eco-friendly! Call today for your free, no obligation estimate and protect your home from high winter energy bills!