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Crawlspace Encapsulation and Insulation in Broomfield, CO

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 by Lyndsie Sundvall


This homeowner in Broomfield, CO was experiencing a musty smell predominantly in the lower levels of the home. After becoming more exposed to asthmatic triggers and continuously getting sick, they assumed their problem could be solved with a thorough deep clean. Once they did everything in their power to try and solve the problem, the must smell still lingered and the homeowners knew the problem was more difficult than they expected. Knowing they needed the help of the professionals, they called upon Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems after doing their research online and suspecting water in their crawlspace.


Our foreman Zach head out to the job site, where he did a full walk through of the entire house and confirmed their suspicion of a musty and damp crawlspace. Recommending a full encapsulation to eliminate water, removal of their old and ineffective insulation and replacing it with our ExTremeBloc insulation to provide a more energy efficient alternative, Zach made sure to keep the customers needs in mind, as well as making sure they had a solution to all future crawlspace problems! After a quick install from the crew, their crawlspace is totally transformed! no longer do they have a musty and moldy smell coming from the lower levels, and have even noted more energy efficiency in their homes!