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CrawlSeal and Radon Mitigation In Arvada, CO

Saturday, April 13th, 2019


This homeowner in Arvada, CO saw our commercial on T.V. for the dangers of radon and decided to have his home tested. Giving us a call and setting up a consultation with our design specialist Dan to come and have a full inspection and test done. Dan went out to the home  to drop off a radon testing kit, and upon his walk through noticed water in he crawlspace that was being used as storage. Knowing that water in the crawlspace could damage the things he had in storage, he set up an installation for a vapor barrier as well.


Once the appointment was set, we sent out our foreman Melvin to complete the mitigation system and the vapor barrier. Doing a re-excavation of the crawlspace dirt to give a flat even surface for the vapor barrier to be installed. Once the installation was completed, the crawlspace was fully encapsulated and water free, and his home was mitigated and the radon levels were lowered!