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Piering Project in Platteville, CO

Thursday, February 14th, 2019 by Lyndsie Sundvall


This home in Platteville, CO had corners on the bottom of the home that were crumbling, and cracking along the lower wall. Planning on being sold by the realtor of the home, she knew she had to repair the home before it was in good condition to sell. As a foundation repair business in her realtor network, she called on Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come do a full inspection of the home and determine the best solution to the failing foundation. We sent out our design specialist Rob G. to do an inspection of the home, who determined the best option was to install 7 helical piering systems around the cracking wall and corners to permanently stabilize the foundation and prevent any more damage!


After the consultation was finished, the appointment was set for the crew to go out and do the installation of the helical piers. We sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to do the installation, where they first did a full excavation of the area to prepare for the installation of the helical piers. After all 7 holes were dug out, Israel and his team installed the piers on the perimeter of the home, making sure to pay special attention to the placement so that they would prevent and more foundation damage. After the project was completed, the crew filled the holes and made a seamless cover-up so no one could even tell that they were there! Now the realtor can enjoy her peace of mind that no more structural issues will happen, and the corners will no longer crumble and are back to their original state!