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Arvada Crawlspace Repair

Monday, July 10th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Arvada, CO home was worried about future water damage hurting their crawlspace. The homeowners did not want mold in the future or have to completely redo a crawlspace. In order to prevent future water damage they knew they had to contact Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to make sure that their crawl space and they were protected.


Adam of Arvada, CO was very ready to waterproof his crawlspace. He was sick of having a dark crawlspace that always got wet when there was major rain. In order to create a healthy and dry crawlspace he knew he had to contact a company that was trusted in his community and that proves great results. After hearing awesome reviews about Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, he was eager to get his crawlspace waterproofed.

Our expert waterproofing foreman Felipe and his crew set out on the project to help this customer feel more comfortable in his home. The first step was to line the crawlspace floor and piers with CrawlSeal liner, this is a great waterproofing liner that is highly durable and keeps your basement dry. To keep the crawlspace ventilated and vapor free the foreman installed VentBlock which will keep the crawlspace extra dry. For additional waterproofing the foreman used ExTremeBloc Rim Joist.

After fully waterproofing the basement, the homeowner has been able to stay stress-free when it rains.

Project Summary

Foreman: Felipe Oronia

Products: Wrap Piers, CrawlSeal Liner, ExTremeBloc Rim Joist, ExTremeBloc Wall Insulation, VentBlock