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Concrete Level Fixing in Centennial

Monday, July 10th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Centennial, CO had cracking and unlevel concrete in its basement. The homeowner was hoping to one day finish the basement and knew that he had to make sure that the concrete base of it was level and crack free before going further with renovations. In order to repair this concern, he contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems after many referrals.


A Centennial, CO home was experiencing some cracking and leveling issues in its unfinished basement. The homeowner was hoping to one day remodel his basement but knew the most important thing to do right now is to repair the concrete slabs. He did his research on concrete contractors in his area and time and time again he came across Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems with the best reviews. He contacted our team and scheduled his project.

Our highly experienced installation foreman Jacob and his crew knew exactly how to fix this project. In order to level the concrete floor and the wall that had gapping issues, the installation foreman injected PolyRenewal 250h underneath the slabs so that the concrete would rise up and take away the gap. To close the cracks that the basement concrete floor had the team sealed them with our high quality PolyRenewal Joint Sealant. These products have saved thousands of Denver homes concrete problems.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the project, this Centennial homeowner is motivated to remodel his basement!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

Products: PolyRenewal Joint Sealant, PolyRenewal 250h, Complete Protection System