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Concrete Leveling and Sealing in Centennial, CO

Monday, July 10th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Centennial, CO homeowner needed various concrete repairs outside of his home. His front patio, patio post, and driveway were all experiencing cracking and leveling issues. In order to provide this home with a top knotch front space,the homeowner decided to contact Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems.


Centennial, CO homeowner was ready to get various parts of his outdoor concrete repaired. His front patio, patio support post, and driveway needed to be leveled and rid of cracks. The homeowner missed the smooth look that the concrete parts originally had and was ready to get them back to there best look. He contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to help get everything repaired!

Our talented foreman Jacob Bass and team went out to complete the job in Centennial, CO. To fix cracks and gaps they used PolyRenewal Joint Sealant which acts as a concrete filler or glue which they used not only on the ground with the driveway and sidewalk but also on the front post. To repair the leveling issues in the patio and driveway the team pumped PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs so when the foam rose up so did the concrete slabs. The homeowner couldn't believe his eyes when the project was finished!

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the repairs, the homeowner has been excited to show off her new and improved space!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

Products: PolyRenewal Joint Sealant, PolyRenewal 250h