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Highlands Ranch Concrete Lift Up

Monday, July 10th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Highlands Ranch, CO homeowner had a large driveway that was experiencing unlevel and cracked concrete. With such a large driveway this homeowners kids have been able to ride bikes and play basketball on it. In order to make sure that their outdoor activity space was safe and level the homeowner decided to contact Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to repair his concrete space.


Highlands Ranch, CO homeowner's large driveway has been a space for fun outdoor activities for him and his family. With his children riding their bikes and play all sorts of sports on the space he was worried that the cracked and unlevel concrete was a safety hazard. He decided that it was time to seek out a contractors help and contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems.

Our amazing foreman Jacob and his installation team was excited to help this homeowner out. They decided to right course of action for safety and quality and began the project. To level the large concrete slabs they pumped our PolyRenewal 250h underneath the slabs so that they would rise up and become even with one another. Now to fix the cracks in the concrete the decided to use our high quality PolyRenewal Joint Sealant. This sealant acts like a glue and binds the cracks back together.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, the homeowner has been happy to play soccer and basketball with his kids on his level driveway!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

Products: PolyRenewal 250h, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant