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Littleton Concrete Leveling

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Littleton, CO homeowner was in major need of getting its concrete driveway leveled and sealed. The homeowner wanted to make sure that his driveway not only looked great but that his kids would be able to ride their bikes on it without hurting themselves on a crack. In order to provide this appeal and safety for his family he decided to seek out a contractor. After learning about how trusting Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems is, he decided to schedule his project!


Rick of Littleton, CO wanted to get his concrete driveway leveled and sealed. Rick has 3 kids who love to spend time outside riding their bikes and drawing with chalk. The homoewner hasn't felt comfortable letting his kids play on the driveway because of the potential of falling on the crack and unleveled concrete. In order to get ready for a fun summer, Rick decided to contact Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems and schedule a job.

Our expert foreman Jacob and the installation team set out on the job. In order to provide this homeowner with the highest quality of life for his family they decided to use one of our highly durable products. PolyRenewal 250h is a high quality product with high quality results. They injected the PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs so that the concrete would rise up and become even with the rest of the driveway. After the leveling was completed, the foreman began filling in the cracks. Using PolyRenewal Joint Sealant was an easy decision for the foreman because of its high quality. The team filled in all of the cracks with the sealant and the driveway looked good as new.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, Rick's kids are loving play hopscotch on a new driveway!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

Products: PolyRenewal 250h, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant