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Boulder PolyRenewal

Saturday, April 13th, 2019


Boulder homeowners were excited to use their outdoor space this summer. They loved hosting parties and spending time outside. In order to get ready for the summer they wanted their space to be rid of cracks. The concrete was uneven and not sealed to its best condition. The owners contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to help them make their space ready for summer use!


Randy of Boulder, CO wanted to get his exterior walk up and drive way sealed and lifted. He and his wife loved entertaining and spending time outside. They wanted their space to be in its best condition.He and his wife  knew that when dealing with concrete, it was not a job they could properly do on his own. He contacted Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems to successfully repair his front entrance.

Our talented foreman, Jacob Bass and his team went out to complete the job in Boulder. After discussing with the design specialists on the best course of action for the home they decided that PolyRenewal 250h was worked wonderfully. They injected PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete to lift and raise the concrete slabs to be even with the other parts of the sidewalk and driveway. The team also used a PolyRenewal Joint Sealant to close off gaps and cracks. PolyRenewal Joint Sealant gives the spaces between the concrete a nice cohesive look and color.

After Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems took on the job and completed it, Randy has been able to rest easy!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

Products: PolyRenewal 250h, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant