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Centennial Waterproofing

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 by Julia Jones


This Centennial, CO home has suffered from water damage issues in recent years to due to high flooding and lack of effective drainage. If water damage continues the basement could suffer more flooding and worse cause health issues for the family. Water needed to be directed from the basement walls and floors to a pump that would drain the water back outside.


Scott of Centennial, CO contacted our team to draw up a plan to stop his basement from flooding. The talented installation expert, Bryan was dedicated to making sure that this basement would live a long healthy life.

The crew used a jackhammer around the perimeter of the basement to place a BasementGutter drain between the walls and the floor. This BasementGutter drain will collect unwanted water from the walls and floors. The BasementGutter system connects to the SafeDri Triple sump pump that was installed by digging a hole into the basement floor and placed in the ground to pump water from basement to the outside. This pump is able to run off its own battery which means that if the power goes out, you will not have to worry about your basement flooding. In order to keep the sump pump from freezing during the winter, FreezeGuard was installed which will continue to pump water from the sump pump even if the underground pipe freezes. A Rock Dry Well was placed in the backyard to drain excess water from the yard and roof.

Just like Bryan and his team, Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems has a built a trusting team of waterproofing professionals that will assist you with any of your home water projects. Scott can now rest easy knowing that his basement will not flood after the next storm!

Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke