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Thornton Crawl Space

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 by Julia Jones


With the crazy weather conditions in Colorado, it is always very important to keep your crawl space protected against water damage. A Thornton homeowner was having trouble repairing her crawl space and wanted to get the area insulated and sealed to prevent future damage. The homeowner heard about Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems and was excited about the results!


Rachel of Thornton, CO was having crawl space concerns. She was aware that she needed to seal her crawl space for future water damage and insulate it as well for lasting protection. She wanted her crawl space to stay dry and insulated as well as be able to drain water out. She had heard of Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems through neighbors and decide it was the most trusted company in the area.

Our expert installation team set out on the job and had the best solutions for Rachel’s crawl space needs. The team first put down Regrade Crawl Soil in the crawl space. After putting down the soil they sealed the crawl space with CrawlSeal (an amazing product!) which not only looks great but will also fully protect the space from water damage. The walls of the space were lined with ExTremeBloc Rim Joist and insulated with ExTremeBloc Insulation and sealed off. For even more drainage protection the team installed drainage matting and a vapor protection product, Underlayment.

After the team left the home, Rachel has been able to feel a peace of mind knowing her crawl space is in amazing condition!


Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke