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Denver Waterproofing

Friday, June 16th, 2017 by Julia Jones


This Denver, CO home has suffered from water damage issues in recent years to due to high flooding and lack of effective drainage. If water damage continues the basement could suffer more flooding and worse cause health issues for the family. Water needed to be directed from the basement walls and floors to a pump that would drain the water back outside. 


Denver homeowner needed to have major waterproofing in his basement. Waterproofing issues are very serious and can later cause health concerns. It was important to this homeowner to get his basement properly water proofed because he wanted to later sell his house. He wanted to be able to sell a clean and safe house for future families! He contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to get the job done right! 

Our installation team went to consult the customer before starting the job and decided the right course of action. There were many solutions that needed to be installed in order to get the job done right. First the team installed a discharge line under ground for proper drainage and so that the debris and discharge would be caught. The team used a liner to seal the space and to make sure that water would not leak into their floor. They also wrapped the crawl space piers in the liner. Finally an outdoor drained was installed which will provide a better solution to his outdoor flooding and drainage from the roof and yard. 

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems left the Denver home, the family has a gained a great quality of life!



Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke