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Littleton PolyRenewal

Saturday, April 13th, 2019


Littleton home was experiencing major cracks in garage concrete. In order to have a safe and quality garage the homeowner wanted to get the concrete leveled. He wanted to get back the quality of life he had when he first bought the home and the garage was brand new. He did his research and found Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to be perfect for the job.


Littleton homeowner was having major crack and unlevel concrete issues in his garage. Since it was his garage he did not feel like for a long time that he needed to get the cracks fixed, as time went on it has become a major issue for the homeowner. After hearing about Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems from his neighbors, he decided that we were the best fit to save his garage concrete.

Our expert installation team set out on the job and were eager to help out this homeowner. To level the concrete in the garage the crew injected PolyRenewal 250h underneath the existing concrete slabs. This process raises the concrete from unlevel to even with the remainder of the slabs. Once the slabs are all even and cohesive the project is complete. PolyRenewal 250h is an understanding product that has helped many Denver homeowners achieve peace of mind and successful concrete jobs. Rod Martin's loves this product and hopes you do to!

After Rod Martin's repaired this Littleton garage, the homeowner has been able to park in his garage more safely!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass