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Castle Rock PolyRenewal

Saturday, April 13th, 2019


Castle Rock homeowner wanted to level out the concrete in his living room. Having an unlevel living room was causing unwanted stress to the homeowner. In order to provide the homeowner with piece of mind, Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems set out to raise the homeowners concrete and spirits up!


John of Castle Rock, CO was having a lot of trouble in his living space. The concrete in his living room was becoming unlevel which was unsettling to him and his family. With a room that gets the most use out of the whole house, John wanted to make sure that the concrete was fixed so that the room was completely safe and in great quality. After doing his research he found Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to be best in repairing his living room.

Our expert concrete installation set out on the job. After discussing what actions needed to be taken to help repair the living room concrete they decided that the poly product would work best. After removing the carpet from the living room, the crew measured the space between the wall and concrete and decided how much poly to use. They injected the poly underneath the concrete slabs to raise up the concrete so it would be even with the wall once again. The poly product was a success!

After Rod Martin's completed the job, the Castle Rock homeowner has been able to enjoy family nights once again!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass