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Crawlspace in Denver, CO

Friday, July 7th, 2017 by Kyle Sterling


While looking for a place to store more things in his house in Denver, John noticed that his crawlspace would make a good spot.  However, he was worried that the things he would store in his crawlspace would get wet so it needed to be waterproofed. While he was looking for a solution to his problem he came across Rod Martins Complete Basement Systems, and saw that we gave free estimates, he then thought what do I have to lose.


After our foreman, and his skilled team, became aware of the problem they were eager to start working.  First, they got into the crawlspace and cleared out any debris. Then they fill any cracks in the walls with Epoxy Injection so water has a harder time getting into the house. Next is to install some ExTremeBloc on the walls, this will help to insulate them and keep the temperature from fluctuating too much. Finally, the CrawlSeal 20mil Liner is installed to help prevent water from getting into the house.