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West Centennial Concrete Leveling

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 by Julia Jones


West Centennial, CO homeowner has a finished basement that has been having large issues with its floor being level. With a space that is used so much by the family, the homeowner wanted his room to be in the best condition. The floor of the basement had large slabs of concrete that needed to be leveled as well as cracks that needed to be sealed. Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems has left thousands of homes with level concrete and happy homeowners.


John of West Centennial, CO has been having trouble with his basement floor. He finished his basement beautifully a few years back and wanted it to be back in the condition it was after the renovation. Unfortunately, the concrete floors of the room were unlevel and he was experiencing unwanted cracks in the concrete as well. In order to restore his quality of life he started doing some research on a company that could help save his basement. After hearing about Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems he knew we were the trusted company to go with.

Our expert installation team and foreman, Jacob set out on the job in West Centennial. After discussing the course of action to restore the basement, they decided PolyRenewal 250h and Joint Sealant were the top products for the job. To level out the concrete floor they injected the poly product underneath the concrete so that it would raise up and become cohesive with the other level slabs. To close the unwanted cracks in the floor and by the closet door they used a Joint Sealant that acted like a glue and brought the pieces together again.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, John and his family have been able to happily use their basement again!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass