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Thornton, CO PolyRenewal Project

Sunday, April 14th, 2019


Thornton, CO homeowner was having trouble with the curb appeal and safety of his front entrance sidewalk. In order for him to feel comfortable with having family and friends over that would use the front entrance, he wanted to get the concrete leveled and evened out. He contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to get the job done!


Todd of Thornton, CO wanted to have his front concrete sidewalk leveled. Not only did he want the look of the entrance to be restored but he was also concerned about his family tripping on their way to the front door. In order to make sure that his friends and family are safe when using his sidewalk, he contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to get the job done right! Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems has 33 patented products that help families feel safe and healthy in their homes.

Our expert installation foreman Jacob and his team talked with our design specialists and headed out on the job. In order to restore the homes concrete sidewalk, the team used our foam leveling product,PolyRenewal 250h, to make the slabs even with one another. The team injects the foam product underneath the concrete slabs which raised them up and made the slabs even with the rest of the entrance. PolyRenewal 250h has been used on thousands of Denver homes and is highly durable product. Especially with the warm months upon us, it is a great time to get your concrete lifted.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, Todd has been able to achieve peace of mind!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass