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Crawlspace in Bellvue, Co

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 by Kyle Sterling


This Tom was having puddles develop in their crawlspace which could lead to other problems.  They realized that it was something that needed to be fixed as soon as they could.  After seeing a commercial of Rod Martins Complete Basement Systems, they knew who they wanted to have come look at their problem.


As soon as the skilled team arrived on sight they knew this was going to be a challenging project that they were prepared for and eager to take on the challenge.  First the crawlspace was set up for a sump pump to pump any water in the basement out of the house.  Next, the team installed CrawlSeal to keep the crawlspace clean and dry.  The walls needed to be insulated to help prevent the cold from getting into the crawlspace in the winter, so the team installed ExTremeBloc insulation.  Finally, Because of the conditions in the crawlspace, a dehumidifier was installed to help keep the crawlspace dry.

Now that the crawlspace is a safe, clean, and dry, the Tom can now relax during a storm knowing that anything they might want to store in the new and improved crawlspace, will stay clean and dry.