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Conifer Foundation

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 by Julia Jones


Conifer, CO homeowners were concerned about the water protection and foundation supports in their crawlspace. They were unsure if their mountain homes ability to withstand floods and heavy rainfall without flooding. The homeowners wanted to find a trusted company that could install a crawlspace support systems and also waterproof their crawlspace so during the rainy and cold seasons they would not be concerned that their home was in danger. The homeowners contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to help provide their home with a supported and water proofed system.


Conifer, CO homeowners were concerned that their mountain home's crawlspace was not supported or able to withstand water. With such big concerns, they wanted a contractor to come as soon as possible. Not only was the crawlspace missing strong supports but it was also missing proper waterproofing systems. In order to make sure that this home was in its top safety protocol, the homeowners decided to contact a locally trusted contractor. After doing their research the homeowners decided that Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems was the best for the job.

Our talented installation foreman Josh and his experienced team set out on the job in Conifer,CO. In order to make sure this home was in its safest and healthiest condition, the team used our top products. First to provide the uneven crawlspace with a sturdy and clean base, the installation team used Underlayment. This will help insulate and level the crawlspace soil. After they installed a highly durable product called CrawlSeal Liner. This will line the crawlspace floor and become a vapor and water barrier. To provide great support to the space the foreman installed our patented IntelliJacks to support the crawlspace from the ground up. They wrapped these jacks with CrawlSeal as well. To further insulate the walls they put ExTremeBloc Wall Insulation lining the walls to keep the crawlspace dry and clean.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, the homeowners have been able to rest easy!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass