Is My Home Falling Apart? Signs of Foundation Structural Problems

The most common foundation questions asked by homeowners in Colorado are regarding early signs of structural problems. They usually want to know what to look for when trying to detect foundation issues.

Rod Martin, owner of Complete Basement Systems has over 13 years of expertise in basement waterproofing and foundation repair having worked an average of 600 jobs a year around the Metro Denver area. According to Rod Martin, it usually starts with a crack. It may appear in your basement floor, or your foundation walls -- but it can also appear on the drywall, in the living areas of the house, especially around the corners of windows and doors. Tilting chimneys and windows and doors that begin to stick are also some tell-tale signs of possible foundation issues.

Foundation problems never stabilize or get better over time. They will only continue to get worse so it is a good idea to get your home inspected by a reputable foundation repair contractor at the first sign of problems.

The more you wait to fix your foundations, the more difficult and expensive the solution. In Boulder, Denver, Castle Rock, Littleton and Aurora, CO trust the fully trained and certified foundation repair experts at Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems.