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Photo Album: Encapsulating a Crawl Space for a New Home in Lyons, CO

Album Description

This Lyons, Colorado home was mostly destroyed in historic floods of 2013. The home sits very close to the confluence of the North St. Vrain and South St. Vrain Creeks, which overflowed during the torrential rainstorms. The home belonged to a family with two small children, and no place to go. However, Milender White, a Construction company out of Arvada, Colorado, stepped up to the rescue. In a partnership with Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services, as well as the Town of Lyons, Milender White has been rebuilding the home for over a year. With the home nearly complete, Milender White reached out to Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to encapsulate the dirt crawl space underneath the home. With a crew of men willing to do the work for free, we got to work. Here is the project!

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  • A Dirt Crawl Space
  • Measuring the CrawlSeal vapor barrier
  • Prepping the wall for the vapor barrier
  • Rolling out the vapor barrier
  • Positioning the vapor barrier
  • Attaching the vapor barrier to the wall
  • Jose displaying proper technique.
  • Smoothing out the CrawlSeal
  • Finishing the final corner of the Crawl Space
  • Wrapping Posts
  • Taping seams
  • Firmly Attaching the Vapor Barrier to the Walls
  • Wrapping More Posts
  • Cleaning up the scraps
  • After: Wow! CrawlSeal!