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Photo Album: Thornton Exterior Concrete Repair

Album Description

Thornton,CO homeowners wanted to get various concrete exterior parts leveled and fixed. Their driveway, front entrance and garage had cracks and bumps that had been getting worse over time. The homeowners finally decided it was time to repair their exterior concrete so they started asking around the neighborhood for the right contractor. Repeatedly they heard Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems was the best so they schedule an appointment! The installation crew came to the Thornton, CO and fixed its concrete beautifully with a variety of products. The team used PolyRenewal 250h for the concrete leveling and PolyRenewal Joint Sealant to fill in the cracks.

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  • Side Patio View of Thornton,CO Home
  • Front Entrance Walk-up Thornton,CO
  • Garage With PolyRenewal Joint Sealant in Thornton
  • Driveway Fixed in Thornton,CO
  • Front Entrance Leveled Concrete Slabs