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Photo Album: Crawlspace Waterproofing In Bellvue, Co

Album Description

This crawlspace was in despite need of a waterproofing system to help keep the crawlspace dry.  The water needed to be first removed.  Then drains to the sump, pump was installed to remove and prevent future water build up. Next the drainage mat was installed to let water move to spots where it can be drained if needed.  CrawlSeal was installed to help prevent water from getting in.  Finally, the sump pump was installed to remove any water and a dehumidifier was installed to remove any humidity.

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  • Pipe Surounded by water in Bellvue, CO
  • Wet Crawlspace in Bellvue, CO
  • Drainage Mat in Bellvue, CO
  • Crawlspace in Bellvue, CO
  • Pipe Surrounded by CrawlSeal in Bellvue, CO Crawlspace
  • Sump Pump in Crawlspace in Bellvue, CO
  • Dehumidifier for Crawlspace in Bellvue , CO
  • Exterior Pipe for Sump Pump in Bellvue, CO
  • Finished Crawlspace in Bellvue, CO
  • Sump Pump Spout in Bellvue, CO