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Photo Album: Interior Concrete Lifting in Aurora, CO

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The concrete slabs in the interior of this Aurora, CO home were drastically sinking and becoming a major concern. Not only were they ripping away from the walls, they were allowing the outside to inconveniently meet the inside. The homeowners knew they had to do something about the problem - and soon! They contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems because they knew we could get the job done quickly and efficiently. Jacob and his crew were happy to help get the nuisance under control.

Using our environmentally friendly formula, PolyRenewal, the team successfully raised multiple slabs back to a safe and desirable level. The floors met the walls again in a union that's sure to last and the homeowners were beyond ecstatic to learn they didn't have to worry about sinking slabs any longer!

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  • An Eyesore for Homeowners
  • The Outside Meets the Inside
  • Too Much Space for Comfort
  • Inconvenient Concerns
  • A Lasting Union